Sunday, May 15, 2011

French Press Cowl

French Press Cowl in Madelinetosh "Amber Trinket"
If there is one thing I'm basically always game for, it's a good ol' KAL. To me there is nothing more fun than doing a project at the same time as a bunch of other knitters because you guarantee that you'll have an instant cadre of people who can help you out when you stumble or hesitate. And you're there as well to give advice and cheer your KAL pals along. It's a win-win scenario!
French Press Cowl in Madelinetosh "Amber Trinket"
The Specs
Pattern: French Press Cowl by Larissa Brown
Yarn: Madelinetosh Vintage in "Amber Trinket" for the cowl and "Golden Hickory" for the iCord. Ever the Apple® Addict, I know...
Needles: Size 8
Mods: None at all!
French Press Cowl in Madelinetosh "Amber Trinket"
I just love Larissa's patterns. I used the word 'offbeat' to describe them on Ravelry...and it seems so apt. She is the queen of likable patterns that have just enough of an odd little twist that make them thoroughly hers. This cowl firmly cements my love for her because it is so darn versatile as you can wear it a myriad of ways: over the shoulders, loose around the neck, cinched up with the iCord. You name it!
French Press Cowl in Madelinetosh "Amber Trinket"
This pattern is quite appropriately named, as we have just rediscovered the joys of the French Press coffee maker around these parts. Not quite sure why I ever started using the drip maker--convenience perhaps? In any case, something possessed me to break out my French Press pot a few weeks ago and WOW it's like it's not even the same beverage. Yes it takes longer, but if I don't have time to drink coffee the way is was meant to be consumed, then what's the point?
French Press Cowl in Madelinetosh "Amber Trinket"
I have been busily knitting away on several projects that I need to finish before I leave for France next week. Yes, I'm off for two weeks to supervise a study abroad trip. Yeah.... Ahem. You know the drill: manically finish a few WIPs so I can spend loads and loads of time deliberating about what the perfect travel project might be. Any suggestions?


kim said...

Cute cowl. Of course, having an adorable model doesn't hurt either.

Liz said...

I just love that Amber Trinket, what a beautiful color!

Rue said...

Nifty pattern! Have you tried cold brewed coffee in the french press? It makes the most delicious iced coffee.

And lace is always a fantastic travel project.

cauchy09 said...

such a lovely cowl. must say that i am incredibly envious of your yarn stash! you really know how to treat yourself right. :o)

andrea said...

what an excellent cowl! must make this!

also, yes french press. I got rid of my drip machine 4 years ago and never looked back. French press is the only way I make coffee at home.

Barb said...

Cute cowl and cute model! I think the perfect travel project for the trip is your second Stripe Study Shawl. If you can handle the monotony!!

Anonymous said...

i lurrrve my french presses; i have a 12-cup behemoth and a 1-cup small guy. however, my new hubbs and i just got a stovetop percolator that we're SUPER-psyched about.

Anonymous said...

Life is too short to drink inferior coffee, amen.

Harper said...

I switched to a 16 oz french press a few years ago to help clear out some counter space. It is the best! I don't drink coffee often but when I do I want it to taste great.

Stripe study sounds like a good option but I'd rather knit something in the round. What about the fingerless mitts by Anne Hanson in Knitty?

nicole said...

Oh je suis jalouse! Peut-être quelque chose de rayé bleu et blanc (style marinière)?

larissa said...

Heather, this is great. Thanks for making the cowl and for the cool interpretation with complementary i-cord.