Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhinebeck 2011

Oh well hello there! Yes it's been quite an eventful month. You know, things like fiber festival wing dings, having your house partially remodeled and watching in realtime as your marriage implodes at Lowe's while you SHOUT OVER one another about Levolor blind options and dual fuel ovens [for the record, I won both those arguments with my implacable logic but alas allowed him to get his way on one of two accounts], the maelstrom of the semester and learning how to make Siri do my bidding have really thrown my knit-something-post-it-to-my-blog-and-then-Ravelry into a tailspin. But luckily I have still been knitting and have quite a backlog of FOs to show you in upcoming, super-thrilling posts. For now I'm posting this mosaic from Rhinebeck which, if you haven't been and are somewhat mobile and on the east coast of the US, should really try to make it to at some point [note: I know my mother will be commenting upon the syntax of this sentence to me at some point. It's ok. This is how the young folk raised in the 80s talk nowadays]. If the yarn won't entice you, maybe the dough lady might mean something to you? In any case, I had a rollicking good time with my Knitpals as it really affirmed to me HOW MUCH I LOVE KNITTING AND MOST PEOPLE WHO KNIT!