Thursday, May 21, 2009

A.D.D. Knitter: Bringing the Crazy!

Silky Malabrigo in 'Wisteria'
I feel that my role in our ye olde village is to be that person that you can always look at and say to yourself, "well at least I'm not as batshit crazy as Miss Thing over there...". Because a. I have not finished any of my projects on the go and b. have cast on for one more, and it's a doozy! And I might have even ordered the yarn, stalked the pattern and made all the plans for all this foolishness since my last post. Put me in the knitting stockade, I am certifiable. Hey--you're welcome.

I have been dying to make the Diminishing Rib Cardigan as it has all the hallmarks of WIN written all over it: top-down raglan construction (yes), done on size 8s (more yes), and no expectation of it being able to be buttoned closed (a big plus-sized YES). My yarn choice, pictured above, is no surprise: Silky Malabrigo in Wisteria. Genius call, right? Also I love Linda at Yarnzilla because she let's you write things like "yes I'm f*cking crazy, I'm ordering more Malbrigo from you" in the comments box of your order and not only doesn't get offended but usually writes something hilarious right back atcha. Love her and her drugs.

Well, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Some of you clearly share my distracted ways when it comes to knitting. Many of you came clean and admitted to having many, many things on the go, and I appreciate that. A random selection based on nothing in particular except for me not having to pay postage to California (KIDDING) has brought up the names of Laura and Beth, and I will be sending them their winnings very soon indeed. Thanks to everyone who shared their indiscretions with me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring (cast-on) Fever

People who have spent anytime reading this blog will not be at all surprised to learn that I am casting on for everything in sight. You'd never know this by looking at my Ravelry page as I seem to be managing my knitting persona very well over there. "Oh my, only two projects on the needles. How virtuous and restrained." Yes--not until you scroll down at take a peek at the 'zzzz' category do you start to get an accurate picture of the scenario. And then when you discover that I have actually not even posted at least 5 other wips do you really get a clear picture of the shambles that is my knitting life. Such is life for someone like me.
Ulmus in STR 'Puck's Mischief' and SIlkie 'Jade
I continue to work away on my Ulmus, ever so pleased with that slipped stitch action. It's a honey of a project for sure and any day now I'll be at the exciting lace part. Something to look forward to!
Chevron in STR 'Monsoon' and 'Footzey Foo'
I got so revved up about the Socks That Rock for my Ulmus that I decided to cast on for chevron #3. This time I'm using 'Monsoon' (from the sock club a few years ago, hated the penis pattern that came with it) and 'Footzey Foo' (too anemic on its own). This is the ultimate airplane knitting project...
Icarus in Jitterbug 'Whirly Fig'
The Icarus continues to occupy my time as I cannot resist the lure of the Jitterbug--the yarn, not the phone. Hilarious side note: the Luddite I'm living with saw the Jitterbug commercial and declared "this is my dream phone! It's just a phone---what a great concept!". Estimated date of completion: just in time for sweater weather!
Featherweight Cardigan in Malabrigo Lace 'Pagoda'
New Kids on the Block: there are two. First up we have the Featherweight cardigan. At MDS&W I had been wrestling with Whisper, a project I have since frogged as I didn't understand the construction of it and felt that I was knitting blind. Then I saw Ashley's Featherweight in person and was intrigued although put off by the idea of a lace weight garment. I then saw Carrieoke's version on her blog and that sealed the deal. Both are by the same designer, with the Featherweight seeming more doable to me because I can visualize the pattern as I work. I'm using Malabrigo Lace in Pagoda and am seriously smitten. My goal is to have this one finished by July 4th. Why then? It's the date that Monsieur Jitterbug and I are leaving for a week in Paris! Yes, he has been hoodwinked again by yours truly.

Springtime Bandit in Brooks Farm Solo Silk
And finally we have the pattern that is taking the nation by storm: Springtime Bandit. There are so many lovely iterations of this handsome devil over on Ravelry at the moment I just couldn't resist. I am partial to this one and this one as well. I'm doing mine in Brooks Farm Solo Silk and couldn't be happier--this yarn has a sheen factor that is out of this world. I might be fast tracking this pattern for imminent completion.

And here ends a glimpse into the mind of a maniac. Tell me what projects are currently keeping you up at night. Peeper-Lou will randomly pick your name out of a hat and you might receive one of the two skeins pictured below:
STR Silkie mill end
Misti Alpaca

On top is a STR Silkie mill end (there's a white patch on it but it looks kind of cool) and below is a skein of Misti Alpaca. Both are from MDS&W and their destiny is to go to someone else besides me. The funtimes will end on Tuesday at midnight:)

Friday, May 08, 2009

I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool...

MDS&W Overload
...and all I took was one picture, isn't that nutty? Above you see my pal Peeper-lou who appears to be having special alone time with her Purell (thanks Swine Flu maniacs in the school district!) while she has a break from her maniacal mother. We had a fabulous time, met some shiny newfolks and saw some that we already knew and loved. It was a blast.

Purchase wise I followed the KISS principle--keep it simple stupid. I had a fabulous time at the Brooks Farm booth and went a little nutso for the Mas Acero, Silk Solo, and just plain Solo pictured below. And I have projects in mind for each! Aren't I a morally superior person?
Brooks Farm Solo
Brooks Farm Mas Acero
Brooks Farm Solo Silk

I also bought some STR because, you know, I believe the hype and got sucked into the inexorable pull of that darn booth. JulieFrick's Ulmus sent me over the edge, and since I had some Silkie 'Jade' that was looking to be useful, I only needed one skein of Lightweight 'Puck's Mischief' to be in business. Luckily one of the super swell lassies I met was the lovely Kirsten Kapur and she kindly indicated to me that size 5 addi turbo lace needles would fit the bill. So--hooray for chance encounters! I am loving this pattern as I've always had a soft spot for slipped stitch anything...

Ulmus in STR Silkie (Jade) and Lightweight Puck's Mischief

I'm off to Minneapolis this weekend to have a very happy Mother's Day with my krew. And I solemnly vow to not visit a single yarn store:) Since I don't have any of the requisite sheep pics from the festival, I'm leaving you with a shot of my oldest friend Phil and his best girl Helen:
Helen and Phil