Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My Dad and I: Back to School U-Neck & Dr. G's

I've been gone.

Many of you have sent me very nice queries indeed asking me 'Hey knitting pal, where are you?'. About six weeks ago, while I was in Minneapolis with my family, my dear old dad finally let go and left this mortal coil. He left behind a family that was worn out by his terrible disease but nevertheless shattered by his departure. Since then our lives have been spent planning, sorting, packing, and getting ready to ease my mom into the next phase of her life which will be here in PA., near me.

During his final hours the greatest gift that my parents ever gave me was revealed to me: the gift of their love for one another. Since his death I've thought more and more about the relationships and involvements in this world that truly matter, and the petty distractions that drain your energy and pay you in a currency that has no value. I am grateful for this shift in perspective.

Normally this would be the point at which run the look, here's my latest project script. But I have no finished project. In fact there has been little knitting to speak of. Sure, I have a few projects that are in various states of almost finishedness, but the fire to maniacally knit all the time has receded. After a few rows here and there I inevitably feel weirdly depleted and enervated. Knitting has suddenly gone from default response to everything, something you do when you are happy/sad/tired/stressed/bored/angry, sort of how the time is always right for chocolate, to something that feels, dare I say, pointless?

I've been told my unbridled enthusiasm will come back, and I'm hoping it's true, because I've gotta a hella amount of yarn to deal with! Not to mention a knitting blog to maintain!
Don't worry, if I jump ship and do a stash fire sale, you'll be the first to know.

In the meantime, while I'm refinding my knitting self, please tell me what YOU'VE been knitting, because I really want to know.