Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Summer Sock Challenge...

Warning: This Posting Contains Disturbing Images of Obscene Sock Yarn Stashage!
A few skeins from this yarn store here, a few more from this one there (not mention the ones from here and here and here), and suddenly the extent of this knitter's yarn gluttony becomes undeniably apparent. Yes, there's a problem. How can one knitter have so very much sock yarn and not feel mentally ill because of it? This is my question. So now that the semester is over, the grades have been calculated and submitted, the junior set is still in school for several more weeks and the Darling Marxist Curmudgeon is safely ensconced one mile underground in this Nuclear Lab doing unspeakable things to protons, I have courageously brought the sock yarn out from the nether regions of my overall stash, done a quick inventory and have come up with the following results: supposing that one skein or set of skeins will only make one pair (which with my notorious impatience with the cuff we all know that more than one pair per skein is indeed possible, but let's move on), I have enough yarn here for 33 pairs of socks!
Isn't part of the AA addiction credo owning up to what your reality is? In the spirit of this I present to you the official tally of the obscene sock yarn stash:
-10 skeins Opal (This highly addictive yarn was the gateway yarn to other, equally addictive sock yarns)
-5 skeins of Mountain Colors Bearfoot (so soft and seductive, it has a very special place in this yarn fetishist's heart)
-14 skeins of Fortissima Colori, enough for 7 pairs of socks. (I am a sucker for the bright colors featured in these colorways, esp. the ones with the disco thread that make it super '70s and shiny)
-4 skeins of Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn, enough for 2 pairs if I'm lucky. (Newest edition to stash and will remained unknitted for a shorter period of time than the other skeins as I am working on a pair right now, see below.)
-2 skeins of limited edition Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn created especially for Purl, my pathetic purchase of this has already been discussed here.
-3 skeins of Froehlich Blauband Maxi-Ringel. (I love orange so was immediately sucked into this yarn, not mention that any yarn with only German on the label is terribly appealing. Words like stricken and farbe make me week at the knees. Deutschland ├╝ber alles!)
-1 skein each of Reynolds Swizzle, Plymouth Sockotta, Lana Grossa Meilenweit Inca, Zitron Trekking XXL, and On-Line (Have no idea where I got it and can't find a link. Note to manufacturers: don't name your product On-Line and expect customers to be able to look it up with ease on line...). These sad little lonely skeins that must be turned into socks in order to alleviate their feelings of alienation and solitude.
Grand total: 44 skeins
How sick is that?
In order to rememedy this untenable situation, I have set a goal for myself, I'm calling it my own personal Summer Sock Challenge. My goal is to knit at least 17 pairs before classes resume next Fall in order to make a dent in the Obscenity. I know this goal seems unrealistic, especially given the fact that I was completely done in by the sleeve of my Klaralund sweater during the recent Knitting Olympics flame-out, but I will be spending a lot ot down time at the pool with the junior set and my best pal Babs, and since I don't plan on getting into a bathing suit (which means that I should actually be setting other, more pressing fitness goals for myself, but one goal at a time, right?), I figure I should come pretty darn close. I am already out of the gate with my first pair (Claudia's Hand Painted, colorway: 'Eat Your Veggies-) started Sunday evening. I will keep you all posted on my progress and am wondering if anyone else has any similar, ill-conceived knitting goals for the summer?


Lone Knitter said...

Wow! Even with the warning I was blown away! You've got some gorgeous sock yarn! Well, I don't think you should feel badly about having this stash. Being a knitter means loving to look at and feel and imagine possibilities in yarn, right? You're just rolling in possibilities, and that's very exciting.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Thanks you, Lone Knitter a.k.a. Enabler;)!!

Melissa said...

I love the current socks and the yarn makes me salivate. It is all so yummy and awesome. Don't feel bad about it, take pride in it.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Those are going to be some incredible socks!! Why feel bad about it? If I was to show you my stash, you wouldn't feel so bad. It is so hard sticking to one project when I see those lovely sock yarns, I just want to knit a pair.

Wendy DG said...

Hmmm, I recognize quite a few of those skeins of sock yarn. I call this my year of the sock, so I'm right behind you in stash backlog. My goal is to knit socks for gifts, but I know I can't get 17 done in the summer. You go! I love the green blended socks you're knitting now.

MandyJ said...

WOW!!! That is one nice sock stash, I don't have a stash, I'm stash-less. If it's okay with you I'll oogle your stash and imagine all those socks you can knit LOL.

Dove Knits said...

I worship you and your yarnness! I think you can do it, though. Seventeen pairs? Pshaw, sure.

Agnes said...

Hi there, I still don't have the courage to do an inventory of my sock yarns! Even if I do, I don't think I would take pictures of them or mention how many pairs of socks I can make ... my husband reads my blog! LOL!
BTW, I do have Knitting Vintage Socks and have made a pair from it for my sock pal. Love Nancy Bush's books!

Rissa said...

I was just whining that I had too much yarn and I was never buying any again, but of course I got a jealous pang and suddenly dreamed of buying some opal even though I have not knitted a row on my socks in weeks. LOL Relax, enjoy. Knit it if you want to...remember yarn that pretty looks good on display!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Well, I guess everyone knows what you'll be doing this Summer!
You have some lovely yarns in there and it looks like you'll have some gorgeous socks when you're done. I'll be interested in seeing the pics that's for sure!