Monday, February 20, 2006

More Klaralund progress...

There is progress on the Klaralund front--both the front and back are completed, I am now feverishly attempting to finish the sleeves by Friday. The A.D.D. knitter has been having a hell of a time staying on task here, esp. since the much anticipated shipment of Kochoran has arrived and the only thing preventing me from casting on a new project with it (the Gesta vest from the same book as Klaralund) is that I'm using the needles for the Christmas Sleeve (see below). But the end is in sight and I am stoked!

Favorite Olympic Televiewing Moments While Knitting:
-Anything to do with Snowboarding. I feel that any sport that cranks Green Day as it gives functioning stoners of America an outlet is a good thing. Added bonus: awesome lingo!
-Curling. Any endeavor that allows pastey white Canadians with 80's hairstyles call themselves athletes is another good thing.
-Men's Skating. I cannot watch Jonny Weir and his antics without thinking of those famous other skating drama queens of yore, Rudy Galindo and Philippe Candeloro. You go girls!
-Women's Speed Skating. Any sport where women with big thighs are rewarded and valued is a tremendously good thing. Added bonus: the Dutch in general.
-Hockey. As a native Minnesotan, I will always have a fondness for hockey players. They're just hot. Period.


Anonymous said...

YES to the snowboarding lingo and the reminiscence of my fave figure skater ever, Philippe Candeloro ... From a fellow Episcopal blogger! Connie

Sarah said...

Love your Klaralund. The colors are great. Nothing like knitting a few rectangles and turning it into a sweater!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Thanks Sarah. I think that the 'miracle of the rectangles' is what's so appealing about Klaralund...