Thursday, February 23, 2006

Baby Sock Interlude: They Don't Call it A.D.D. for nothin'!

Nothing like almost finishing a project--in this instance the Klaralund sweater--and having your mind start racing a hundred miles an hour, desperate to ditch said project and begin another one. How can I possibly finish this project when i don't even know what my next one will be? Luckily I ran into a local knitting maven at the LYS who was just finishing up a baby sweater for a friend who has had a spate of terrible luck, has just given birth to a bouncing baby boy and for whom we're happily having a baby shower this weekend. "Look--can you keep a secret? I knit ______ a sweater for her baby. Do you think she'll like it?". Now I know a rhetorical question when I hear one, mind you, but I was dumbstruck at the notion that _I_ hadn't knit anything for said friend and baby. Being the competitive bitch err good pal that I am, I realized that I had to get on the stick! So, Klaralund has been on a 48 hour furlough whilst I quickly whip up some newborn socks in Opal Rodeo sock yarn. My digi camera has a way of making all my projects looks fugly, but I am pleased with this sock. It's very tiny and therefore will be finished in time for the shower...and then it's back to the existential void that is Klaralund.


Jocele said...

The joys of baby socks. Instant gratification. It's good to feel that sense of accomplishment. The sock looks great.

jess said...

a worthy distraction from your olympic knitting! So far, that Klaralund is looking stunning.

(Off to check out barefoot mountain!)

Lone Knitter said...

Can you switch your Knitting Olympic project to baby socks? Then you know you'll get the gold medal. I think I'm going to have to drop out of the competition or pretend as if my mountain of grading doesn't exist. The socks are so cute!