Tuesday, July 11, 2006

GypsyKnits yarn...hell yeah!

One of the great things about being a fancy-free knitting academic is that the summertime is just one giant knitting cluster fcuk! I can pop down to my LYS 2,3 even 4 times a week (who am I kidding, Saturday I was there in the a.m. AND the p.m.) for help, supplies and oh yes, more yarn. One of my on-the-way-to-work local shops just posted their new yarn acquisition on their blog and I am chomping at the bit to high-tale it over there, and my very local lys just acquired a massive amount of GypsyKnits sock yarn. This is a fairly new Mom & Pop operation from Cumberland, Maryland that spins and dyes all their own yarn and is only carried in one retail outlet--my LYS! Me so lucky! It's also available at Etsy, but you should hurry, this stuff is killer and if you recently got burned trying to obtain Vesper sock yarn while it was in stock for 5 minutes over at Kpixie only to find that it would be in stock again at some future date, probably some time when you will be visiting your elderly parents at a cabin somewhere in the North Woods and won't have internet access, you best act with alacrity! Our local shop had a demonstration and meet and greet with the owners of Gypsyknits this past weekend, sadly I missed it, being wrapped up in the whole travesty of the Italians winning the World Cup and all. Anyway, The yarns up top from left to right are Bubble Gum, Fresh Veggies and Big Top. The colors are stunning and the names alone sealed the deal on the purchase. Big Top? I always loved a three-ring circus! The yarn pictured here that has been wound into the hockey puck is called Strawberry Fields. Perhaps you're wondering how exactly I'm going to work these new yarn purchases into the whole 'omigod-my-sock-yarn-stash-is-out-of-control' complex/existential crisis that I so anxiously described earlier this summer. Based on much helpful feedback I received from commenters on this blog, I've decided to let the whole stress of that affair go and embrace my inner yarn hog. So these GypsyKnits skeins can just take a number, get in line and join the disfunctional a.d.d. knitting party!
Lest you think me a selfish type that only acquires yarn for myself, I purchased these little headband kits for my daughters and their pal, who is my best pal Babs' daughter.
They are all three budding little stitchers, and have made significant progress already. The project is an easy one and only requires casting on 8 sts and just doing a simple garter stitch. My rationale is this: any non-Disney channel related activity these days is a positive one, and this way when we go to yarn store they'll have something to occupy themselves with. Parenthood: it's all about creating the illusion that we do these things for them and not for ourselves!


Karen said...

Hey, my DH went to school where you work. :) LYS near there with great yarns . . . hmmm, I think he needs to visit his Alma Mater soon, and should take me along to see it. Those Gypsyknits colors are awesome. And the girls are making great progress on their headbands. Good for them!!

Melissa said...

Gorgous yarn!
The headband projects sound like a great summer project.

Priscilla said...

I love all yarns, but expecially the one called bubble gum!
And the IHS is such a fun project! I can't wait to finish it and show it off.. yeah, it's summer still, but the first occasion that requires a scarf, I plan on putting it to use.
Nice to see your daughters enjoy taking part in your hobby! Reminds me of when I was a child and my mom and I knitted together. I'm trying to get her to start it up again, but no luck so far.

Anna said...

Those Gypsyknit colors are delicious. I think I might steal your head band project idea - the Bee (my six year old DD) is trying to learn to knit, and just a few stitches might be easier then what she's got now.

Meri said...

Pretty skeins, yummy colors! To pick up on a very old thread, I wonder if I could be of help on the pieceing/finishing end at all, at some point, for you? Though a knitting ignoramus, I do have some sewing chops and would love to lend a hand.