Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pittsburgh Yarn Bonanza!

Anyone who is even slightly paying attention should know that I have no business whatsoever engaging in any sort of yarn bonanza, esp. after my recent trip to New York. But I went to Pittsburgh to pick up my parents at the airport and felt that a trip to Knit One was justified because a. I'd never been there before and b. I was in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood anyway and not going would seem weird, like I was trying to prove something. So I went, and I am so glad that I did--what a fantastic place!They were buzzing with enthusiasm after an in-store appearance by the Yarn Harlot herself and the staff were quick to describe in interesting detail her visit. The space itself is large and airy with a great view. Knit One is replete with many inviting, comfy nooks to knit and browse in, and the people who work there are among the friendliest and most knowledgable I've ever encountered.
In any new yarn store I am always first drawn to the sock yarn--for some reason it helps me gauge (ha,ha) what type of store it is. Knit One's sock yarn offerings did not disappoint--what a killer selection! I was finally able to purchase some Claudia's Hand Dyed Sock Yarn--this is 'Eat Your Veggies' and features my all-time favorite color combo of lime green and purple. Love it!
My daughters were immediately drawn to several (expensive) shawls and the staff was quick to suggest cheaper, more kid appropriate versions. My elder daughter chose some Mohair Kiss and is anxiously awaiting her mother to knit it into a shawl for her. Check out Miss Buttermilk in her special Easter Shawl done in Cascade 'Pima Mélange'.We had a great time at Knit One and I especially appreciated the staff's welcoming attitude to my daughters in tow--so frequently LYS types can't deal with the junior set,so I found their attitude refreshing. Two thumbs way,way up for Knit One!


Emma said...

Eat Your Veggies--I love it! The mohair is beautiful too.

amanda cathleen said...

Looks like you came home with some great additions! : )

Lone Knitter said...

I too bought more yarn when I said that I absolutely wouldn't. But how could you possibly turn down a yarn called "Eat Your Veggies"?