Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two More Hats

November Leaves in SHELTER 'Hayloft'
Windschief in MadTosh Vintage 'Golden Hickory'
Frankly I don't understand how I could have not blogged about these two hat patterns earlier. Ideally it would have been before the freight train known as Daylight Savings Time flattened me and turned me into the walking wounded. I fail to see how a one hour time shift can make a person feel so utterly ill, but there you have it. So. LAME.

November Leaves in SHELTER 'Hayloft'

The Specs
Hat #1
Pattern: November Leaves by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: One skein of Shelter in 'Hayloft'.
Size: Large
Needles: size 6 and 7
Mods: None, I did as I was told.

November Leaves-2November Leaves in SHELTER 'Hayloft'

Melissa is the queen of the jaunty hat pattern that once you see it for the first time, you are and bound and determined to drop everything and make it immediately! I love this pattern SO MUCH. The pattern comes in either a tam or beanie version, and I opted for the latter given that it only needed one skein.

November Leaves in SHELTER 'Hayloft'
Shelter is the perfect yarn for the occasion here. There is a reason this yarn is so hyped at the moment! It is versatile like nobody's business as I have seen many ultra-enticing projects, none more so than Chawne's unbelievable blanket.

The intrepid among you who have downloaded this pattern or seen it elsewhere will notice that I knit the hat not only out of the yarn called for but also the exact color featured in the pattern. Yes, I am that person. Hi!

November Leaves in SHELTER 'Hayloft'

And just in case you think I am not aware of the eye brow situation here, I am. I have hectored the person in question mercilessly about it but to no avail. Let us never speak of it again.

Windschief in MadTosh Vintage 'Golden Hickory'-4
Pattern: Windschief by Steven West
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Vintage in 'Golden Hickory'
Size: Large
Needles: size 6 and 7
Mods: I did the crown decreases an inch before the pattern indicated per many recommendations on teh Rav and the hat turned out perfectly.

Windschief in MadTosh Vintage 'Golden Hickory'-3
This is a truly clever pattern. Steven West loves his twisted stitches, that's for sure, and watching them migrate and twist on this hat is quite a lot of fun. Seriously! This hat has turned out to be my gateway drug to other Steven West patterns, as since finishing it I've finished another one and even cast on for a third. Which is to stay WATCH THIS SPACE for more twisted stitches.

Windschief in MadTosh Vintage 'Golden Hickory'-5
And now a word about the yarn: madelinetosh Vintage. madelinetosh you are my new thing. You are like Malabrigo was for me in 2005. Or Wollmeise back in 2007. Which is to say that I never want to have to deal with any other yarn ever again, because your colors are eye-popping and your legendary softness is the stuff of dreams. And with names like 'Warm Maize' and 'Ink' you have hopelessly seduced me...


Amy said...

Those are some gorgeous, gorgeous hats!

LEO said...

I've been wanting to make a windschief for Peto for-EVER. I have no idea what's been holding me up! Anyway I love how those twisted stitches look in a semi-solid yarn. And re: the eyebrow situation, is it out of the question to trim while he's sleeping? Is that cruel I wonder?

Carolyn said...

you crack me up girlfriend.

Laura said...

Love them! I am waiting with bated breath for Melissa's hat book.

What is it about men and their eyebrows?

cauchy09 said...

ha ha ha. i love the focus on the eyebrows. poor G...

thanks for the shoutout!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

One word: photoshop. So much easier than changing the grooming habits of others.

ps Love the hats.

tentenknits said...

love the hats!! you hat master!

nicole said...

Guess who has "November Leaves" in her queue, and who just "happens" to have the PERFECT skein of Shelter for it? I hope mine turns out as good as yours.

(At the risk of making you my mortal enemy for ever, I kinda have a soft spot for unruly eyebrows, but don't tell the hubbers I said so, k?)

SJ said...

So I guess I really need to bite the bullet and try Shelter after all, huh? Love the hats.

grumperina said...

The Windschief hat is really cool, you chose the perfect yarn to show off the stitches!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

after the eyebrow comment, I love you even more!

Congratulations on two beatufiul finished hats! (I expect nothing less from you!)


Maria said...

Gorgeous hats and yarn. Great work!! November Leaves is especially appealing to me

Catherine said...

that twisted rib is fabulous - I can see exactly how you begin to love a pattern designer who creates such elegance

Anonymous said...

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