Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something to Crow About

Crow in Malabrigo Chunky 'Sapphire Green'
Back at the tail end of 2010, I signed up for a super sweet lil neckware swap over on Flickr. Moments later that good ol' trusty companion SELF-DOUBT arrived right on schedule. That train is never late! You see, I am terrified of disappointing others. What if I flake and never actually complete the item, get trapped into a self-created negative spiral in which I avoid knitting the object out of some sense of misplaced resentment and overwhelming sense of anxiety about the task at hand, let it go on for far too long and am then subjected to scorn and ridicule? What if I mail it, am too chintzy to get delivery confirmation, it gets lost in the mail, the recipient has justifiable righteous indignation, runs me out of Knitsville on a rail with the villagers and their pitchforks and I am then subjected to scorn and ridicule? Worst of all, what if I carefully knit said item, the recipient receives it with great anticipation and then throws it down in disgust due to its overall shoddy execution and poor choice of materials? Do you now see how of a sweet lil neckware swap can be a one-way trip to hell?
Crow in Malabrigo Chunky 'Sapphire Green'
Luckily that was not the case here. Whew!
Crow in Malabrigo Chunky 'Sapphire Green'
The Specs:
Pattern: Crow by Larissa Brown
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky in 'Sapphire Green', 1 skein.
Needles: size 10.5
Mods: None. It's a cowl.
Crow in Malabrigo Chunky 'Sapphire Green'
This is a great pattern from one of my fave designers and gray hair style icons, Larissa Brown. I am in the process of letting my hair go 100% its natural shade of salt and pepper, and clicking on the pattern for Crow just serve to remind me what a stone cold fox she is. AND the pattern is up to her usual standards of beautiful, portable and jolly-making.
Crow in Malabrigo Chunky 'Sapphire Green'
My recipient, the delightful Maryse was pleased with my cowl. I was so glad to send it off to her as she's one of my favorite KnitPals ever. In honor of her mighty Frenchitude, I had another Gallic Hot Mami, Sandrine do me the modeling honors here. More proof that I am a terrible friend: I had her model this for me mere moments before a series of high stakes exams. It's all about me and my sunlight needs, people! She was her usual gracious and obliging self. I mean, come to think of it, nipping outside in the fresh air probably took her mind off the event...I am so thoughtful.

An interesting flipside to the above-mentioned swap induced foolish nonsense: I have never once received an item in a swap I didn't 100% completely love. You knit this for me? Really? I LOVE IT! This swap was no different, but more on that next time.


Jodi said...

Super cute and cozy! Love that shade of grass green.

Anonymous said...

That cowl is beautiful! Gorgeous yarn and what a great pattern it is. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

cauchy09 said...

I totally go through that descending spiral of self-doubt in swaps. Oy. It might be necessary? I hope not.

That's some gorgeous knitting there and the yarn must make a super sumptuous cowl. Mmmm.

knithound brooklyn said...

I too, subject myself to the downward spiral of self doubt and fear of failure. You hit the nail squarely on the head.

It's a beautiful project - gorgeous color, wonderful pattern and superb execution.

Anonymous said...

Really love that colour green!

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the swap self doubt. I generally avoid them due to the worry - although I have received some beautiful things in return.

Beverly said...

Looks like pure squishy goodness. Who wouldn't love it?

Rose said...

Love it, which is good cuz I already bought the pattern! I love Larissa's stuff too.

Beth said...

Great color.
And welcome to the world of salt and pepper!

Gabriela said...

I go through the same process when I'm in a swap. I don't understand why it's become a regular part of the swapping experience for me.

Love this cowl and the green!

Laura said...

Everything about this is a win! The pattern, the yarn, the color, the model, that you got to send it to Maryse (agreed, she's made of amazing), your execution of said pattern, &c.

I am SO with you on the foxiness of gray hair. :) Larissa looks totally amazing and so will you! I decided to quit coloring my hair, as I would eventually like to rock the long gray locks and I can see the streaks coming in. My mother's comment: "You're too young for gray hair. You should color it." BLEH, MOMMY. I love seeing gray hair on my head. I earned every one of them.

The WoodLand School said...

This cowl is glorious! The colors, the pattern ... ahhhh!

I'm embracing the gray, too. My grandfather was totally white by 25, my mom by 30 ... I'm 41 and salt-and-pepper. Loving it, leaving it!

nicole said...

Silly rabbit. Anyone would be LUCKY to have you as a swap partner!!! You always pick the best patterns, you've never met a luxury yarn you didn't like (or stash) and you knit so beautifully. You worry WAAAAY too much, lovely lady.

larissa said...

Hey lady! I love your cowl and just have to laugh about me being stylish in any way. Thank you for your lovely compliments.

I have had gray hair for many years, since my late 20s (I'm now 42). I have had a huge number of compliments from strangers (men on elevators are particularly inclined to like the gray...?) You will love it if you let it shine.

One time, though, I did get a comment from a cousin of mine who does herself up in the style of my people (she's a South Jersey Italian girl), who told me I should dye my hair and get a face lift. "You should really take care of yourself. You deserve it." BWA Ha ha ha

Kim said...

I go through the same exact thought process whenever I sign up for a swap endign with me becoming pariah in the knit community cuz I just suck. Ha!
As for the cowl, it is sweet as pie!
Glad to hear you're continuing with letting your hair go natural. I've made it past the skunk stripe stage and I'm kinda digging the silver.

margaux said...

Love the cowl!! Wanna come to SF and knit with me?