Monday, November 05, 2007

Give 'em hell, Bro!

People, it's time to show some solidarity with our writer pals out in Hollywood. My lil bro (he of the nominated for-an-Emmy-but-lost-to-Justin-Timberlake fame) is a Hollywood writer on strike. Doesn't he look so down on his luck? Soon he'll have to pawn that I-phone and start eating baked beans out of a can like a true hobo. Joking aside, these talented writers are the the only thing standing between us and a world of 24 hour a day shitsville reality programming, so honk if you love quality writing!

Things on the knitting front have been picking up after a very looong October. Apparently all I need to do to guarantee that I will not actually finish any socks is to sign up for an event dedicated to sock completion: Socktoberfest. I enjoyed seeing everyone else's socks but didn't manage to finish a pair myself.
My trip to Chicago was just what the doctor ordered: an utter blast. Did I go to Loopy Yarns
and get my grubby hands on some Malabrigo? Why, yes I did! Did I buy so much yarn at that joint that they gave me my very own cloth bag to carry it home in because their regular bag was too flimsy to hold it all? Why, yes they did!
Loopy Yarns--Chicago
Pictured below you see some Malabrigo, some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and Worsted (hooray four supporting Chicago yarn tourism!) and of course some Koigu, which we will file under the coals-to-Newcastle category.
Malabrigo worsted
Malabrigo worsted
Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock
Lorna's Laces Worsted
Koigu Kpppm
While in Chicago I visited the Chicago Cultural Center which was having an exhibit entitled the Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral Reef. It was an actual yarn coral reef that crocheters all over the world have contributed to in an effort to draw attention to this great vanishing natural wonder. Check it out, it is one of the most stupendous fiber art installations I've ever seen.
Crocheted Coral Reef-Chicago Cultural Center
And of course I went here:
Artist's Snack Shop--Chicago
Because I am utterly powerless when confronted with any combination of the words 'snack' and 'shop'!


nicole said...

You got some mighty fine loot there missy!

Whoohoo, I'm probably going to Chicago later this year. I'll definitely be stopping at Loopy Yarns (where they'll no doubt give me my own cloth bag), and then maybe revive myself with a snack at the Artist's Snack Shop, because yes, who can resist?

Fight the power, Bruce! Don't let the man drag you down!

carrie said...

wow, i almost kinda sorta know somebody who knows somebody on strike! cool!

and that yarn -- to die for.

tiennie said...

Look at all that yarny goodness!

You go Bruce!

kim said...

You taunt me with all the yarniliciousness. It's too much for just one post!

Let's hope the writer's strike ends soon because, after all, it's really all about me, and with no new shows on tv, it's going to be a very long winter... :)

Nora said...

Oh, your yarn selection is beautiful. [I hope the writers achieve what they're aiming to do.]

Esoteric Knitter said...

Dang girl look at all the fab stash enhancement!

Amy said...

Everything looks like so much fun, of course, but OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT YARN!


(Great choices!)

luxeloops said...

i just moved to chicago and had no clue that loopy yarns even existed before reading your post! And silly me... it's only a few blocks from work. I'll have to take a trip there soon!

luxeloops said...
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James said...

I'm glad you used your time in my homeland wisely. Is it weird that you bought more yarn in one weekend than I've bought since I moved here? No, you're right. Of course not.

SJ said...

Lovely yarn acquisitions. Am I sensing a color theme? So very fall-ish!

Even though I'm sitting at my computer and not in my car, and I'm nowhere near CA, I'm honking in solidarity with your brother!

Lolly said...

Oooh, Chicago is SO fun! I loved Loopy Yarns! Great photos!

Hey! good for your brother ;)

Lisa said...

Nice haul.

So, you are at the same spot as me on Cobblestone eh? Wanna race to see who finishes first?

Janet said...

I am going to Chicago next weekend, so thanks for saving me from needing to look up the LYS... I suspect I'll have a cloth bag of my own by next week!

Jen said...

Oooh love a good strike. And I love it when anyone in Hollywood demands their fair share. Yay, strike on!

Mmmmalabrigo. Love Chicago!

uberstrickenfrau said...

And you didn't ring up Franklin while you were there??! um um um.

Anonymous said...

Last night before we heard that the writer's were on strike, we were enjoying our new favorite show (big bang theory) and falling of the couch laughing and blown away that anyone could write something so funny. Needless to say, when the news came on and we heard about the strike, we were very sympathetic.

My kids have sweaters in Malabrigo, it is very yummy

Knitting Bandit said...

That's some funky coral reef!

Dove Knits said...

Did you wave to me? Come to think of it, I was in that area this weekend, so we may have passed each other on the street! I was the weird one with the handdome husband and a thought balloon of "YARN!" over my head.

You picked a great weekend for a visit -- the weather was gorgeous. I love the cultural center; last time I was there they had an exhibit of teapots!

Romi said...

Poor lil bro. :(

Wow, what a great haul of eye candy! Yummy stuff there. :)

weezalana said...

I'm so rootin' for the writers. Like there isn't enough crap reality tv on already - if the ratio gets any more unbalanced, I may turn into a DVDaholic. (Which, by the time this is all over, will hopefully kick more residuals towards the writers!)

Ooo, lookit all the yarny goodness. I loves me some LLSW!

Sourire11 said...

Yeah for yarn related tourism and stash expansion!

and the writers strike is already killing me... how can I survive without the daily show and the colbert report every day? what is a knitter to do?

K. said...

I can't believe Blogger is actually going to let me leave a comment here. Blogger can be so evil. I love your comparison about the coals to Newcastle. Got a little koigu, eh? Does it have its own room? I love all those reds!

Sarah said...

Power to the people, or writers. If it weren't for the boob tube my husband and I might never see each other. Bring back our quality time! I hope the writers get what they want! Goodness knows there has to be enough money to go around.

The coral reef was hilarious. And who doesn't love the words snack and shop especially when they appear together.

This issue of Fine Cooking has got to be one of the best don't you think. Pancakes and crackers and beef, oh my.

Vicki said...

Hope everything goes well for your brother and the other writers. I don't know much about the situation, but I don't look forward to 24/7 reality tv *shudder*

Nice yarn :)

Sonya said...

Well who isn't stopped cold by the words snack and shop together. And artist and it's a cultural experience! Beautiful yarn loot too.

Go writers! I really don't like reality entertainment because I find that it is neither reality nor entertainment.

a friend to knit with said...

all the best to bruce and the rest of the writers!

oh malabrigo...i have my hands on a skein, and now i see what the fuss was all about! it is sooooo lovely!

happy birthday PIA!!!! hope you all are having a lovely day!!

Veronique said...

Oh, oh, Malabrigo! And Lorna's! And Koigu! *sigh*

pamela wynne said...

All best to your bro & the other striking workers!

Also, your pretty new yarns are making me all melty. :)

peaknits said...

Holy shit - nice freaking yarn haul:) Way to get them to upgrade to cloth - that's dedication:) I must get to Chicago for some yarn hunting - looks quite impressive.
Solidarity to your brother - I can watch re-runs all day until they get what they need - good luck to their Union!

Ashley said...

That is good loot. Seriously. Chicago is all kinds of good.

And go writers! Union Yes!

Tanya said...

HONK! HONK! Just say NO to reality TV!

Very nice yarn!

Anonymous said...

hey H!

just wanted to tell you that I got your single sock package and it is just wonderful! thank you so so much. love the sock, love the yarn, and LURVE the pocky!!! you rock.

i'll post pics up on my blog in the next few days. geez louise, i just don't seem have to time to anything lately. :P

thanks again!!

Knittymuggins said...

Best of luck to your brother and all the other fantastic and underappreciated writers in Hollywood and NY!!

Dee-vine yarn stashage and great Chicago photos! So jealous ;)


~Kristie said...

WOW! Chicago treated you right! That stash enhancement rocks. I could so see myself buying exactly the same things in the same colors.

Please no sucky tv! Give the writers what they want! And deserve!!!

janet said...

I would have really enjoyed seeing a knitted coral reef. Finally a place where we can use some of those bright colored yarns that we love but should never wear.

aquaknits said...

Too bad for Chicago, since you came home with all their best stuff! Great haul.

I hope the writers are successful. I don't think I can handle a winter of game shows and reality tv. :o

nova said...

Beep beep! (Thaw was my horn.)

Your acquisition success in Chicago brings a tear to my eye. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Holy crapola!! That's some stash acquisitions. And I'll toot my horn for your brother!

Karen said...

From what I've read, the writers have good reason to strike, and are not asking for anything unreasonable. Your brother and his "co-workers" have all my support.

WonderMike said...

Honey, your brother is cute... but not as cute as those shrugs!!! And, omg that Crocheted Coral Reef, makes me wanna hook!!! Evil.