Monday, May 22, 2006

Sloppy Seconds

Sock #1 in Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn 'Eat Your Veggies'
The appeal of the Sock Challenge is wearing off mighty quick...and it all has to do with a phenomenon many will perhaps identify with, that of the mind numbing tedium of the second sock. That initial rush of pleasure and excitement provided by the first sock, that well-known first blush of romance that happens as you discover how the yarn reveals itself (what's coming next in the pattern? More stripes? A Fair-Isle motif?) is sorely missing and turns into drudgery, a form of knitting torture. From tout beau tout nouveau to familiarty breeds contempt. The difference between the first and second sock is somehow massive. Why is this? What's the big deal? I need someone to bitch slap me back into reality and remind me that I am not being held against my will at a secret CIA prison in Eastern Europe and being required under pain of death to knit as a way of saving my life. No, I am just trying to complete a pair of socks.To make matters worse, I have accumulated even more sock yarn since my last post. Yes, that's right, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, I said more sock yarn. How quickly innocent shopping, accumulating and collecting becomes pathological hoarding! More Froehlich Wolle Blauband Jacquard and a super cute little number called GypsyKnits Traveling Sock Kit purchased at my LYS. Like I really needed this? What is the point of trying to make a dent in your sock yarn stash if you're only going to keep buying more yarn? Uff-da!


Knit and Tink said...

Sooo....did you start dishcloths yet? lol
I have many first socks started just never ends!
Have fun though!

Melissa said...

I like the sock and the kit is cute too.

MandyJ said...

When you find that person to slap you into reality send them my way I have the same exact problem with socks. The appeal wore off when I found out I could actually knit a sock. :-D

amanda cathleen said...

But the second sock and be different from the first sock! Who knows it might not stripe the same way! ; )
Have to say that gypsy kit looks like it has some mighty cool yarn in it!

Lone Knitter said...

Speaking of being held by the CIA and forced to knit socks--I recently read Mary Rowlandson's "Narrative of the Captivity." Turns out that what saved her life was her ability to knit socks! The "natives" would give her food and treat her better in exchange for knitted socks. Well, I love your Eat Your Veggies sock.