Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sweater completion!

The sweater that the pattern called "The Four-day Sweater" is completed, finished, in-the-can. Let's just say that it took a great deal longer than the pattern suggested: had I had the gumption and free time to actually make a sweater in four days, it would've been a round-the-clock endeavor. Suddenly, knitting wouldn't be the 'fun pastime' it was meant to be, a bit of chore, don't you think? So, introducing the "Nineteen-day-because-I-work-and-have-a-life-Sweater". Doesn't DH look smashing in it?


Glenna Schmitz said...

I've never gotten a 4 day sweater done in under a month!!! You go girl!!! And your DH is VH!!!!!

Carol Daly said...

I love that bright green color! What kind of yarn is that?

Pirmais kredīts bez maksas said...

I love that colour :)