Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Scandinavians--a love story

Honestly, what's not to love about the Scandinavians?
From the naughty yet sensible sensuality depicted in 'I Am Curious Yellow' to the fabulous selection of practical and stylish housewares made available worldwide at IKEA, the Scandinavians are second only to the Japanese in terms of cool. I'll admit that my fetish stems from growing up in Minnesota. As one of only two dark-haired children in my third grade class (Jacob Blumenthal was the other), I have always looked at Scandinavian culture with a great deal of admiration and lust. As a child on the outside looking in, I wanted to BE one of them--the shiny blonde hair, the enthusiastic, effortless talent on the ski slopes, the uncomplicated, non-dogmatic Lutheran faith, and of course, the Volvo. Need I say more?
Now I have another reason to love them--Dale of Norway yarn. Just check out these acid neon colors, what blue-eyed blonde wouldn't look stunning with a hat knit out of these?


Ecurb said...

I had my own Scandihoovian-inspired moment today too! Imagine my shock to see we're on the same wavelength, yet again!

CKL said...

Yes, totally into the Scandinavians as well...have you checked out 1970's Norwegian knitting magazines? Not only are the guys completely hot, the sweaters are unbelievably complicated. Only in a country where there's like 2 1/2 hours of daylight could one even dream of completing them.

livit said...

I have shoes laces same color as these :)