Monday, November 21, 2011


Effie in Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig"
Seeing as I seem to be acquiring "special order" yarn like it's my job, I figured it was time to actually knit with the stuff. What good is stoking an Internet yarn sensation if you don't actually knit with it? I had the perfect pattern ready to go, so I made myself a cocktail (unrelated), got out my X-acto knife and tore into my box of shiny new yarn. Hot tip: don't use X-acto knives around boxes of yarn unless splicing and dicing is your game. Yarn carnage aside, all I can say is I was so pleased with the Internet super shopper me that had ordered the assorted Quince and co. yarn ten days previously because WOW. Soft. Colors for days. Gorgeous hand. Swoon.
Effie in Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig"
The Specs
Pattern: Effie by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig", .85 of a skein
Needles: size 9
Mods: why?
Effie in Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig"
I love the ribbing action on this hat. Cute! Classy! (Just kidding, I hate that word). The shaping is perfection and the knitting couldn't be more pleasingly mindless. I am so happy with how this hat turned out. And the yarn is so unbelievably plush. I strongly urge you to fondle it soon.
Effie in Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig"
This hat is a long overdue donation to a local charity. Over a year ago I became inspired (first warning sign) to donate a knitted hat to a charity auction (they should have run screaming) A very nice lady had the misfortune to bid on my hat THINKING she was getting a wooly garment that would keep her warm during a blisteringly cold winter. BWAHAHAHAHA! Oops. Somehow this one got away from me and the guilt started to fester. But now it's done, so...there's that? In any case, I should not be permitted to ever volunteer my knitting services for any charity function whatsoever. If you are soliciting knitted donations for your (probably) worthy cause, please don't ask me to knit for you unless you want to engender Bad Feelings toward you and your organization. Just go ahead and mark me down in the "will make a small token cash donation" column permanently for life. Thanks!
Effie in Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig"
Effie in Quince and co. Osprey in "Twig"
Also, I can't hear the name of this pattern without thinking of this song and my previous life in the swingin' town of Athens, GA...


Gigi said...

So cute! I've been looking for a beret pattern that's unfussy -- this will be just right I think.

Mereknits said...

Great hat,love the color. Congrats on a great yarn haul.

the greenhorn knitter said...

I love this hat! You did a great job. As for the charity knitting, don't feel too bad--I'm sure it wasn't that harsh of a winter. ;)

nicole said...

Worth the wait, methinks!

earthchick said...

Oh, it's lovely!!! It looks so squishy!

I keep saying I'm done with charity knitting, but I'm having a hard time actually sticking to that.

SJ said...

Adorable! But that may just be your model.

Melissa said...

cute! I'm dying to check out that yarn.

kmkat said...

Oh, great, I had just decided on a hat pattern for myself and then you go and post this! Love it, faved the pattern. I guess I will have multiple hats this winter ;-)

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