Friday, September 09, 2011

Ontological Ishbel musings

Micro-Mini Ishbel for Jutta in madelinetosh tart
Normally I like to keep it light up in here, but today I have a serious question of a deep philosophical nature: can a shawl really be called an Ishbel if the slatternly knitter behind it only does one repeat of chart A? Yes, I said one repeat of chart A. I'm not quite sure what caused me to bind off and call it a day at that point. Was is that I was seeing the recipient of the shawl (if you can call it that) later that afternoon and wanted desperately to give it to her? Was it my utter and total DONENESS with shawls for the time being? Maybe it was in fact my eagerness to get on with my Rhinebeck sweater(s). Not sure, in any case: one repeat of chart A.

Micro-Mini Ishbel for Jutta in madelinetosh tart
The Specs:
Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague.
Yarn: one skein of madelinetosh sock in 'Tart'.
Needles: size 6 Kollage Square needles w/ the hard cable.
Size: Cast on for size large.
Mods: One repeat of chart A. This has epic WIN or epic FAIL written all over it, depending on your point of view.

Micro-Mini Ishbel for Jutta in madelinetosh tart
One of the reasons I was eager to give this project to my lovely pal J was that she is one of my only not-currently-knitting* friends who reads my blog and made a very sweet request after seeing the Striped Study shawl. "Heather...I would be willing to pay you for that shawl on your blog...that red...oh my". As you all know, a. we knitters all live for such requests and b. we knitters would never accept money from a good friend for a piece of our handiwork. Sadly her request came two days too late as I had already given it to Sandrine. Ah non! So instead I decided to cut to the chase and knit her a shawl out of strictly Tart. And even though it's quite small, I'm hoping it can be a mighty fine neck warmer.

Micro-Mini Ishbel for Jutta in madelinetosh tart
I am fully expecting to receive a cease and desist letter at any moment from Ysolda's solicitors (oh là très British), demanding that I refrain from continuing to call this pattern Ishbel. Fair enough!

*in point of fact J IS a knitter but she happens to have a MIL who is a superior plus expert knitter that could completely blow doors of Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker and any recipient of the TNNA Master Knitter title combined with her eyes closed and one arm tied behind her back. Kinda doesn't leave a lot of room for someone who is merely outstanding, does it?


nicole said...

Maybe you could give it a shortened nickname, like the "ishy" shawl, or the "babybel"? In any case, it's lovely, and I'm sure Ysolda would not mind in the least. That girl does love her red!

Caffeine Girl said...

Let's face it, anything you knit in MadTosh is fabulous! That is a great color. And I suspect Ysolda is too nice to complain about your adaptation!

purrlgurrl said...

My attention span simply will not accommodate itself to knitting more than one or two inches of lace, so rock on sister!

My idea of lace knitting is fine yarn and big needles. Stockinette and garter look appropriately lacy done that way.

choo choo knits said...

Anything, in that red, is matter the size!

Lynne said...

Hello !

I think this is very pretty - never mind how much lace is in it! I also love the idea of calling it baby bel - which is a cheese in the uk - and one that is wrapped in bright red wax - so it's really appropriate! This link will will show you just why!