Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pattern you will never tire of!

Shetland Triangle in Rowan Kid Classic
Well the Shetland Triangle is the stuff of legends for a very good reason: it just WORKS, you know? It is supremely wearable and quite easily memorized. You always know exactly where you are at all times and it is done at precisely the moment you are about to be completely over it. WIN WIN WIN DING DING DING.
Shetland Triangle in Rowan Kid Classic
The Specs:
Pattern: Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic in color #847. I have a lot to say about this yarn, so don't go anywhere.
Needles: Size 6
Mods: Insert NONE here
Shetland Triangle in Rowan Kid Classic
Oh Rowan Kid are the perfect combination of 70% wool, 26% mohair and 4% nylon! You might know that I'm not a huge mohair fan as I feel it frequently is somehow in my mouth when I knit with it, to the point where I have phantom mohair mouth when I'm knitting with it. However the clever chemists at Rowan have figured out the perfect formula for mohair: keep it under 26%! Yes, at that percentage it is kept in its place (out of your mouth) because the wool is keeping it in check. And that 4% nylon seriously puts the whole operation into awesome overdrive and maybe keeps the mohair trapped somehow? Such a science-y analysis, I know. And this red is the definition of cherry red, which is one of my favorite reds. I love this yarn and see no reason to not keep hoarding it.
Shetland Triangle in Rowan Kid Classic
Shawls are really quite a gas to make and especially to give away. I made this for my friend Meredith's birthday, and being the mohair lover and hand made enthusiast that she is, she was very happy with it. I hope to see her wearing at work someday as for a knitter random, chance sightings as you well know are the very best!
Shetland Triangle in Rowan Kid Classic
Do you like my Minnesota English in the title? Nice dangling preposition, I know. I'm sure I'll be hearing about it from my mom who is a perpetual state of aghastness at the state of my locution. Eh! At least I'm not writing 'Do you wanna come with'. That REALLY sets her off...
Shetland Triangle in Rowan Kid Classic


Liz said...

"Phantom mohair mouth" lol

Jodi said...

Beautiful! I LOVE that yarn, too, but lamentably it makes me quite itchy and sneezy. I used that exact color to knit a cozy pair of mittens.

Oh, we can never escape all of our Minnesota-isms. I teach ancient Greek with funny pronunciations of omicrons and omegas as a result of our Minnesota O's.

Rose said...

Yeah, but "Pattern of which you will never tire" doesn't have the same ring, does it? It would smack of hoity-toity-ness. Or something. Anyway, LOVE the shawl and in-depth analysis of the yarn!

lauren said...

your blog posts never fail to crack me up.

ohhhh another dangling preposition! har.

KF-in-Georgia said...

The prepositions are fine where they are--yours and Lauren's.

Google "ending sentence with preposition". The whole first screen is links to sites that say, basically, speak English; nobody will ever say, "Pattern of which you will never tire."

Zibu said...

I've been quietly admiring your knitting for a while now but this Shetland Triangle just forces me to comment - IT IS GORGEOUS! I love it. I love how you didn't block the border into points. :)

Brenda said...

I enjoy stories of Winston Churchill and Lady Astor. They hated each other - Lady Astor thinking Churchill too common for her taste. Apparently she stood in Parliament one day to say that Churchill couldn't even speak the proper English because he often ended his sentences with a preposition. Churchill retaliated with "Madame, that is exactly the kind of nonsense with up I shall not put." Well said!

Anonymous said...

Hah! "'Do ya wanna come with'!" I Remember that from my Minnesota years, and it's so very true.

Evelyn Clark creates such nice patterns, doesn't she?

I will look into that yarn, because I recent finished a big coat with Lamb's Pride, and I keep finding mohair tumbleweed all over the house and clinging to small children; not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

"do you wanna come with".. it sounds like a bad translation from Danish... LOL..
Always had a feeling it was bad English to end with a proposition, but didnt know if it was true.. thanks for the enlightment...

lovely shawl.
IDA (in Denmark)

tentenknits said...

gorgeous shawl! You're so right that the shetland triangle is always a Win! Love the color you chose too!

If I had to think about all the grammar mistakes I probably make in my posts, it would probably send my mother into a fit.

cauchy09 said...

That red is just regal perfection. and I agree about this pattern. it was my first lace project and I'd be happy to knit it again.

I hung out with a buncha midwesterners in grad school who confused me with the "come with" thing over and over again. It still rankles.

Rue said...

I didn't even notice the preposition at first - my husband definitely has Minnesota mouth, too.

The shawl is gorgeous! I haven't knit with Kid Classic in years so thanks for the reminder to look it back up. I remember really enjoying it.

SJ said...

Sigh. There are so many lovely yarns I'm missing out on because of this darn mohair allergy. Oh well.

You're absolutely right about the Shetland Triangle, though. Such an easy, addictive, fast pattern. I haven't knit in a few years; may be time to do it again!

Are you going to MDSW this year? If so, we should try to meet up!

Beverly said...

Gorgeous! Shetland lace triangle has been one of my favorite shawls to knit.

Sonya said...

God I love that pattern. Gorgeous shawl! I especially appreciated the mohair content analysis.

Kathy said...

That is a beautiful shawl, in my queue, and haven't started it yet. I feel the same way about mohair -- just not one of my favorite fiberts although I should copy a feel of Rowan Kid Classic. It sure doesn't have that fuzzy halo in your pics.

Andi said...

Your hilarious!
I think your shawl looks beautiful, you friend Meredith is going to love it.

Sonya said...

Hello ! It's beautiful! Everything you post about I put in my mental queue to knit....a neverending task as I'm a v. slow knitter, duh.

About your language comment, "do you want to come with?" - instead of "...come with *me* " - I thought that was a Jewish expression, maybe straight from German...? At least, everyone in the mostly Jewish office I used to work in used it...what's your take on that?


earthchick said...

Because I have nothing else to do (*cough* writing a paper *cough*), I've been all over Ravelry and found myself wistfully looking at Shetland Triangle patterns (long ago stashed for with some yummy Sundara Silky Aran Merino) and wondering if I oughta give it a go (in an effort to knit the stash). Thought I'd check and see which of my friendies had knit it, and there you were, raving about the pattern! I'm sold!

Yours is lovely - don't know how I missed this last spring!