Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MDS&W Gemütlichkeit

If ya see me, say 'hi'!
One of the pleasures of Maryland Sheep and Wool is seeing people that you know from the Interwebs, knitters and designers you've struck up friendships with whom you have instant rapport and a general feeling of Gemütlichkeit. On the long walk from the car in the middle of the field to the venue, Peeper-Lou asked me if "
....my Internet friends were going to be there". Ahem. Why yes, child, many of them were!
I am also quite please to inform you that my usual maniacal hemmoraging of ca$h was kept to a very restrained, virtuous trickle as a. it was so hot that I was very concentrated on not vomiting and thus had to conserve my energy and b. I have so much freaking yarn that getting a lot more would somehow propel me into a category of greed and gluttony that even I cannot handle. Plus, it was just mostly fun to see people! Ohai I'm now my mother...what has happened to that child of the 80's that measured her fun by items acquired rather than *gasp* personal interactions? Oh wait, she waited til the Coach Outlet in Hagerstown to bust out and show her dark side. WHEW!
In any case, I did manage to pick up several things so that the festival wasn't a
total wash:
MDSW: Jennie the Potter
Another Jennie the Potter mug, because I'm crazy about these mugs.

MDSW: Miss Babs Bamboo Baby
Miss Babs Bamboo Baby, maybe destined to be a Daybreak? When a finish the one I'm already doing?
MDSW-STR Heavyweight in Vancouver Violet
Three skeins of Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Vancouver Violet. People--do you know how impossible it is to score this stuff at MDS&W? It requires one to push and shove more than one normally does in the Fold booth.
More Socks that Rock, destined to become socks (yeah, mmkay...) and most definitely an Ulmus Rectangle. Speaking of, another pleasure of of MDS&W was seeing a great pal, talented and lovely Kirsten Kapur:
MDSW: Kirsten Kapur has a magic ring.
Yes, that's her ring. Isn't it kind of amazing? She was kind enough to help me figure out where I was on my Ulmus, the viral hit from last year's festival (note: it's where I saw JulieFrick's Ulmus and had to buy yarn and cast on immediately for it).

MDSW, Ulmus rebooted
I am so stoked about this pattern and can't recall why I ran out of gas on it last year. It is a phenomenal pattern--and like all her other patterns, it's on sale right now! So make your way over to Through the Loops and nab it, along with all of her other patterns.


Anonymous said...

That Vancouver Violet is spectacular. I would sleep with it. Nightly.

kristin said...

Sorry! Not an anonymous comment! It was me!

Kirsten said...

You are my hero. I was not brave enough to venture into the fold.

That bamboo baby looks really drape-y. It will make an awesome Daybreak!

peaknits said...

What a lovely time - I am so jealous! I can't wait to see your Ulnus - I'm *this* close to starting one:)

Yarnhog said...

One of these days I'm going to make it there! Looks like you had a blast. :)

Rose said...

Damn, I'm so bummed I didn't meet up with you there. It was hot though, too hot to buy much in the way of wool. Maybe next year, although I don't think my husband will go again. Were you in that horrible traffic on Saturday?

Barb said...

That STR Heavyweight is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the finished project!!

Anonymous said...

I think that I saw you and P-L as you were entering the fairgrounds ( and I was leaving). I was so hot and tired that I didn't stop you. Of course, the weather these past 2 weekends has been MUCH nicer.


Kim said...

I want Kirsten's ring so bad. Highlight of the sweaty day was hanging out with you! This was the first festival where I didn't buy truckloads of yarn. I came home with one lovely bag full of yarn. the heat really saps your will to shop.

Angela said...

Would have loved to have gone this year! If you are ever in Chicago, I can drive you out to The Fold, the actual, real live one in Marengo.

ali@skeinsherway said...

I love, love, LOVE, Jennie the Potter's work! And she herself is so amazing sweet.

That Vancouver Violet is the coolest color, there is something almost otherworldly about it, in a heavenly sort of way :-) Beautiful!

Looks like you had fun, fun is good!

Happy knitting-

marnie said...

I would have been forced to buy that "Vancouver Violet" (or wrestle you fro yours) for no other reason than that I grew up in Vancouver. It's a perfect colour too. Sounds like you had a great time despite the heat.

ali@skeinsherway said...

Hey there- just stopping by to see how you've been... it's been almost a month!
I hope all is well and that you are just enjoying the fine weather and knitting up a storm!
Take care & happy knitting-

Nasheikah said...

your blog is cool...and really do you have ADD? Im startign to wonder if I do! please visit and perhaps follow my knit blog..I'll be sure to do the same !

Sue said...

Are you OK? everyone healthy? I follow your blog and am worried that you have been too quiet for too long.